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Season 2018 - 19

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Season 2018-19

Dear all

Reminder that quarter final of all Cup competitions should be played from w/b 4th February and priority to these matches should be uppermost in your minds.

New is an up to date League Position page. Reminder that all discrepancies should be indicated to me asap.

Reminder that both schools should email results after every match. Please do not save up your scores and send them as a batch, as this is time consuming to administer.

Attached are the following, viz.,

1.  Updated league points and scores

2.  Updated cup results

3.  Synthetic pitch allocation for Jan 2019

3.  Separate score tables

Please let me know if their are any anomalies, mistakes or otherwise in any of these attachments.

Please be aware that no score above 9 is ever entered.

Synthetic Pitches:

Synthetic Pitches that have been allocated, should be used or cancelled in plenty of time. It is vital that schools use them or tell me in plenty of time that they are available.

Phone Maureen Ward at PEPASS to obtain appropriate Synthetic Pitch centre number.

Phone                                  0141 287 4716

Business Mobile                  07387248131

Please note w/b 11th February is problematic with mid term and in service across the region. Weeks 11 and 12 have been set aside for the playoffs. If you need a pitch anywhere for a playoff match please phone me. (First come first served) This includes all schools within GSFA.


All divisions should have 8 qualifiers, because of this the playoff dates are vitally important and must be adhered to. Our league and Cup semi finals follow the Spring break and there is no room for manoeuvre.

Call offs:

A reminder that the directive from GSFA update #1 will be adhered to and 2 unjustified call offs will mean the forfeit of a game and points will be awarded to the other team.


Please call our referee convenor, Stewart McLachlan, 0141 637 8493, in good time for your refereeing requirements.

Please note that only schoolboy referees that have passed or are taking the referees' course should officiate at games.  Even then they should be restricted to S1 and S2 games and be properly attired in a track suit; no school uniforms please.

AGM 2019:

The AGM has been pencilled in for Thursday 6th June, 6.30pm, in the Club rooms of Lesser Hampden. Further information will be sent out nearer the time.

Bus Companies:

If any school uses a bus company on a regular basis for any school activities, please let me know the Company name and contact number.

If there is anything else you need to know, just ASK!

Maurice Shields

GSFA League/Cup Coordinator

League Fixtures

League fixtures can be downloaded here

Division 1 - Seniors

Division 2 - Under 16’s

Division 3- Under 15’s

Division 4 - Under 14’s

Division 5 - Under 13’s

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee members can be found here.

Team Lines

The form for submitting team lines can be downloaded here

GSFA Teamline Template 2018-2019.docx

Synthetic Pitch Allocation

The Synthetic Pitch Allocation can be viewed here or downloaded here

Trans World Educational Experiences Package for Glasgow Schools

As part of our arrangement with Trans World Educational Experiences , we are happy for them to use the GSFA platform to announce an exclusive package, available to schools within GSFA. Details Here!

League playoffs and Cup results, Latest Update from M. Shields.

League Fixtures & Results

Cup Fixtures & Results

U18 League GSFA Div 1 League Arrangements 2018.pdf

Cameronian CupGSFA Cameronian Cup 2017 2018.pdf

U16 League GSFA Div 2 League Arrangements 2018.pdf

RS McColl Cup GSFA RS McColl Cup 2017 2018.pdf

U15 LeagueGSFA Div 3 League Arrangements 2018-19.pdf

Glasgow CupGSFA Glasgow Cup 2017 2018.pdf

U14 LeagueGSFA Div 4 League Arrangements 2018-19.pdf

Crookston CupGSFA Crookston Cup 2017 2018.pdf

U13 LeagueGSFA Div 5 League Arrangements 2018-19.pdf

Castle CupGSFA Castle Cup 2017 2018.pdf