Update 15 - 9 Jan 2016

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Season 2016 -17 - Update 15

Dear all

To avoid some confusion with regards to the new league set up and the synthetic pitch allocation please be aware of the following.

New Leagues

The new leagues were set up as per the specification of the proposal that was sent out on numerous occasions before Christmas.

It was never intended to be like for like teams playing each other, but on the contrary a competitive programme based largely on how teams performed in games before christmas. I used a certain amount of 'poetic licence' when allowing teams to qualify because I believe that the GSFA is there for as many teams as possible to compete for very important and traditional trophies and I believe I have done just that.  Because of the variation in school population throughout the West of Scotland it was always going to be inevitable that 'big schools' and 'small schools' would have to be in direct opposition to one another.



GSFA League/Cup Convenor

The distribution of synthetic pitches  should never be considered as straightforward or logical. We are fortunate to have been allocated 84 game slots in the 7 pitches throughout the city.  These slots are given to schools to help them fulfill their fixtures. They are not to be taken as granted. Schools are expected to organise many of their games as they did before synthetic pitches were on offer. Schools should not expect to have all their home fixtures covered for them. An impossible task I'm sure you will agree. All schools have big decisions to make with regard to expenditure, travelling and facilities and priorities will differ from school to school. However can I please implore all schools to communicate with each other to make sure the 'synthetic facilities' are used throughout the season.

An update of the January - March Synthetic pitch allocation can be found here.

Please let others know if you are not using your allocation and phone other schools to ask if they are would be willing to swap or give a slot in order that games might be played.