Update 11 - 29 Nov 2016

Team lines

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League Fixtures

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Division 1 - Seniors

Division 2 - Under 16’s

Division 3- Under 15’s

Division 4 - Under 14’s

Division 5 - Under 13’s

Season 2016 -17 - Update 11

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Dear all

Please find attached:

Updated League results,

Cup results

Points tables.

League Reconstruction.

Keep results coming in, preferably by email please.........


GSFA League/Cup Convenor

Cup Ties:

No extension to cup ties will be granted after Christmas.

Please note that because of the entries, 16, and the fact that all 1st round matches have been played, the Glasgow Cup (u15's) 2nd round is a quarter final and does not need to be played until February 2017.

Schools are of course able to arrange a match before that date if they so wish!

Please let me know if you and/or your opponents  are withdrawing from the Cup competition......

I apologise if I misled teams about the situation with The RS McColl cup competition in Update 10 (2016). This should have read the 'Glasgow Cup 2nd Round and not the RS McColl Cup.  This has been corrected above,,,,,

Games Played:

It is quite noticeable that a number of schools have not played any games, or very few,  at any level. Please let me know your intentions as this is unfair on teams waiting to play.

Withdrawn teams:

Div3: OLSP u15's; Holyrood u15's:

Div1: Smithycroft u18's:

Div1: Knightswood u18's;

Div1: St Marg' Mary's u18's;

Div2: St Marg' Mary's u16's;

Other teams in these divisions are guaranteed progression after Christmas if they play each other home and away....

Some teams have already qualified for the post christmas competitions.  Please finish the programme as qualification for other teams may be affected. Please read the 'League Reconstruction' document for clarification..

Keep results coming in, preferably by email please.........

Maurice Shields

GSFA League/Cup Convenor